Tiffany Szymanski 

Meet the Team Biography Tiffany Szymanski

It was almost by accident how she found her passion for photography. In high school, Tiffany took a part-time job working at Kids Portraits by Picasso. Her plans to be a teacher, operate her own day care, and gain experience working with children were put on hold as she began to fall in love with the camera. Supplemented by school classes, and time in the studio, her passion for photography was growing over time. She was only waiting for the right opportunity.

After graduating, Tiffany pursued higher education towards becoming a teacher. However, in her first year of Early Childhood Courses at Oakton Community College, she was promoted to Lead Photographer and Manager at Kids Portraits by Picasso. With new responsibilities, Tiffany was bold enough to change her career path, even switching to majoring in digital photography.

Finding joy in capturing the lives of others, Tiffany appreciates the level of trust clients place in her. Bearing the responsibility, and feeling the pressure of capturing memories, brings a unique sense of purpose to Tiffany’s life. “My work gives me purpose.” Seeing “their happiness brings me joy.” Every photography session is an opportunity to tap into her creative side, and to use a skillset she began cultivating over ten years ago. “I love capturing happy moments” going on to say, “it was that passion for photography that lead me to change my major in college to digital photography.” Her interest also extends beyond the camera, “the more I learn about the photo industry, the more I want to be involved in every aspect: from taking pictures, to editing, and lastly printing.” Tiffany notes, “I do all my editing with the Wacom Pen Tablet” as she can no longer use a traditional mouse for her artistry.

Appearing shy at first, Tiffany will often surprise others with her fun personality. She brightens the days of those who get to know her, and thinks of herself as a family-oriented person. And as an ambitious young lady, Tiffany works towards selling her artwork online. She hopes to attend more art galleries in the near future, and display her artwork in public more frequently. Tiffany also travels to annual conferences to help refresh her inspiration and keep her skills sharp. At events like Photoshop World in Las Vegas, she finds herself, “learning new editing techniques to keep up with the industry” and “absorbing lots of new skills and ideas for motivation.”

While many photographers struggle to differentiate themselves from the masses armed with cell phones and filter effects, Tiffany looks forward to the challenge, saying “professionals in the industry need to bring something unique to the table” since “these days, anyone with a smart phone thinks they are a photographer.” When she isn’t working at TruFocus Productions doing wedding photography, she can be found working full-time at Windy City Lamination, where she turns images into custom, gallery-quality art, for customers. She especially enjoys editing and printing customer orders, and assisting customers via a Live Chat feature on their website.

Kicking back to relax means adventuring with her boyfriend. When not creating art, Tiffany’s hobbies include: traveling, enjoying casual Disney movies and chomping on French fries. She likes to call herself an Organizing Specialist because she loves to stay organized, clean and “it rolls off the tongue nicely!” While it doesn’t directly help with cleaning or organization, Tiffany does have a double-jointed pinky-toe, specifically on her left foot – which is not her right foot.

When Tiffany took her first photography class years ago, she hardly imagined where it would lead. She received an Associates of Arts from Oakton Community College, and a Bachelors of Digital Photography from the Illinois Institute of Art in Schaumburg. She attributes most of her success to her family, since Tiffany and her younger sister were adopted by parents who raised them both to be passionate and to follow their dreams.