Video Production Pricing

TruFocus Videographers Come Prepared

Every production comes with one professional HD camcorder and microphone for high quality audio and video recording.

Step 1. Video Coverage

How long do you request our video production services?

Hourly + FREE Creative Consult Call

Video Production Rates

Hourly pricing rates decrease the longer your production length. Consult call is free up to 15 minutes.

Daily + FREE Travel

Half and Full Day Hours

Multi-Day+ FREE Travel

Up to 10 Hours Each Day

A 1 hour-hour lunch break is required on days longer than 7 hours.

*Free travel includes one location within 30 miles of Warrenville, IL. Otherwise a flate rate of $60 will be charged. This does not include parking / cover fees. Additional hours can be requested within 1 week of the production date.

Step 2. Video Editing and Additional Equipment Options

Email to inquire about any other video options

Hourly Editing Rates

Videography Editing

Advanced Add-ons

Add to any project

1 Doesn't give off heat. 2 Requires script 72-hours prior to filming. 3 Requires additional setup time.

Production Add-ons

Production / advanced orders

*Backdrops are available in four different colors. Green, Grey, White and Black.

Step 3. Delivery

Online / Mail.

FREE Digital Downloads.

Below are all our Raw Footage options you can choose from.

(1) Google Drive Delivery, (2) Up to 1TB of Data on a portable HDD. (3) Up to 25 GB Data. (4) Only available upon request prior to filming; may require physical delivery.

Total Price: $197

Everything included with your selection below:

  • One Thrifty TruFocus Videographer
  • One Professional HD Camcorder and Microphone
  • Helpful 15 Minute Creative Call
  • 30-Minutes Early Arrival / Setup Time
  • Trusted Phone / Email Support
  • Online Downloadable Footage
  • Up to 30 Miles Free Travel From: Warrenville, IL