Christopher Dorsano 

Meet the Team Biography Christopher Dorsano

The first time Christopher Dorsano picked up a camera, it was his family’s old-school Panasonic film video recorder. Today, he runs a completely digital video production company. Passionate for video from a young age, Chris experienced film turn digital in the tech boom of the new millennium. A fun-loving entrepreneur, Chris founded TruFocus Productions after interning with his high school’s television program, “LTTV.” Building experience on set and behind the scenes at LTTV taught him what he needed to launch his own production company.

To Chris, a video shoot is an opportunity to tell a story, at TruFocus Productions each one starts the same – a chat to learn more about the customer and the video they want to create. Chris applies over a decade of knowledge to add motion to concepts.

He recognizes that “every project has its own challenges,” and built a team capable of tackling any project that comes their way. A motley crew consisting of a photographer, editor, and video specialist – Chris built TruFocus Productions’ team by carefully choosing roles based on skills each member already possessed. While collaborating to produce stunning videos, each partner adds depth by pulling from their skillsets and playing with creative elements. Not one for supervising from a distance, Chris works hands-on alongside his teammates, staying involved throughout every project.

The video world changed drastically since Chris first picked up a camera – improved technology came into play, allowing for digital recording and editing, cameras became smaller, and overall quality sky rocketed. Chris and TruFocus Productions keep up with the fast-paced video scene by staying up to date on the latest in technique, editing programs, and cameras. As in any industry influenced by improvements in technology, TruFocus Productions cannot afford to miss a beat.

Though an early adopter technologically speaking, in business Chris stands by the old-fashioned golden rule. “I serve my customers the way I would want to be treated,” Chris explains. He’s a firm believer in being completely up-front – not only with costs, but in communicating how a project will be completed. Chris holds himself and TruFocus Productions accountable for fulfilling client’s orders with quality and care. He values the most human element of running a business most, his favorite part being discovering creative ways to share clients’ stories with video.

Chris’s main goal for TruFocus Productions is to be known for humble success and job growth for creatives in the video industry. Though he and TruFocus have won several, Chris does not lean on awards and accolades to prove himself or his business. Instead, he relies on his team’s ability to deliver projects that work with client expectations.

While TruFocus Productions keeps Chris on his toes, he makes time to pause and get away when he can. A proud Eagle Scout, Chris grew up adventuring in nature, as well as giving back to the community. Chris enjoys fresh air, mountain views, and being able to take it all in. He is currently working on fundraising for a charity run he films every year called “Doc Marks Run for the Kids,” which raises money for children that do not get presents around Christmas time.