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What to expect working with TruFocus Productions.

Booking the Video

How it Works

Our Process: Step 1 — Booking.


The initial process starts when TruFocus receives either a phone call or a contact form submission on the website from a prospect.

  1. ONLINE FORM — Email Us

    We respond within 24 hours, digest notes and schedule a phone call.

  2. PHONE CALL — (312) 487-4429

    Our Creative Director from our team of specialists will begin the briefing of the project and enter all those details into our system.

2. Briefing

During this phone call/meeting we will discuss all needs and details of your project (e.g., what we be filming.) We will discuss such details as when the shoot will be. What the projects goals are. How long they will be needing us to film. How they want the final export delivered. The date and time of the project. Whether or not pre-production (Scriptwriting, storyboarding, etc.) or just to come out and film the service, product, and/or event. Then determine editing and post-production and delivery.

3. Quote

Once we verify exactly what it is the project entails we can then come up with an accurate estimate/quote. This quote has the full breakdown of the project and what our solution is to accomplish their goal. We present this service offer to the client in a proposal format that we send by email.

4. Contract / Invoice

Once the quote is received to the client by email and then confirmed. We then follow up sending an invoice attached with a contract.

5. Payment

Before a project is accepted, we require a 50% deposit (for projects over $1,500) to be paid along with the signed contract. Anything under $1,500 needs to be paid in full. A link to pay by credit card will be sent unless the client decides to pay by check in which it can be sent to our remit to address located on the estimate/quote.

6. Calendar

Once the deposit has been received either paid by credit card or by check along with the signed contract then the shoot date will be locked into the TruFocus shooting calendar with a Google Calendar invite for the client and crew to accept.

“They were very easy to work with and relaxing to be around, especially with my nervous pre wedding jitters.” — Randi and Tim

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Shooting the Video

How it Works

Our Process: Step 2 — Shooting.

1. Arrival

The day of the shoot our videographer(s) always come about 30 minutes early for setup to the location. This setup time is not charged as part of the shooting time scheduled.

2. Setup

Once everything is setup the clock starts on the hourly rate charged originally to the client on the finalized contract. During this time the videographer will get a variety of shots based on the project guidelines. *Please note if you pay for 3 hours of shooting that does not mean you will be getting 3 hours of footage. As it takes time to set up each shot and we like to have a variety of artistic shots to choose from.

3. Back-up

If our camera dies or has some kind of malfunction we always carry a back-up in case of emergencies. So no need to worry about having to re-schedule because of technical difficulties.

4. Wrap-up

Before the end of the shoot the videographer will always need about 30 minutes to wrap out all the gear needed for the shoot. This may be more or less depending on the complexity of the film and the amount of gear they have brought.

“We can't thank you enough and will always recommend to others. Great job at capturing all the right memories for our video!” — Stella and Rosario

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Delivery of the Video

How it Works

Our Process: Step 3 — Delivery.

1. Raw Footage

All the HD raw footage will be downsized and prepared either on a 8GB swivel drive USB for a charge or online download from Google Drive at zero charge. *The footage is hosted online for up to 15 days.

2. Editing

If the client hired TruFocus to do the editing then this is the next step in the process. The amount of time it takes to complete each edit will vary based on the complexity of the film.

3. Rough Edit

Once the film has been edited the client will receive a private edit online hosted by our Vimeo Pro account to preview on the “Review Page”. *The client is allowed to make minor changes to this edit without accumulating additional charges

4. Final Export

Once the edit has been approved and finalized by the client we will post the final edit online with Vimeo for the client to download or exported on the needs based on the technical requirements of the video. We only close the project once you are fully satisfied with the end product.

5. DVD / Blu-ray

If they purchased to make a DVD/Blu-ray then we begin the process of creating the files we need for that format. Once it is made and tested we send the final product to the client by mail.

“TruFocus was exactly what we were looking for out of a videographer on our wedding day. I could tell that Chris was so passionate about his profession from day one of contacting him.” — Rachel and Connor

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