David Karaffa 

Meet the Team Biography David Karaffa

A beard aficionado, and a bit of a geek, David Karaffa grew up in Chicago’s southwest suburbs near La Grange and Countryside, Illinois. Exploring technology from a young age, and tinkering with sound and lights during his junior high school years, David found himself filming orchestra concerts and school events using a mini-DV camcorder. It was a natural fit as David transitioned into becoming a full-fledged video production specialist during his high school days; eventually coming to work in the Lyons Township Television (LTTV) studio.

From there, David worked on-site from a mobile video production truck, for a local access television provider covering sports, performing arts and other community events. He feels at home behind the camera and as part of the crew, helping manage over half a million in various video equipment used to shoot and distribute video to the local area. David’s enthusiasm goes beyond the event, often being the first crew member to arrive and last to leave. Fully dedicated to his craft, David stumbled into a relationship with Chris Dorsano at TruFocus Productions.

Together since November 2012, Chris and David have partnered on numerous video projects, allowing David’s live production skills to compliment Chris’ artistic eye. The relationship began over a school project involving several interviews, multiple cameras and a documentary style cut that led the two to realize there was great potential in forming a team. While each project exhilarates David, igniting his creativity and passion for video production, he notes that being part of TruFocus helps push his abilities to the next level, and he is “always looking to improve the quality of a shoot. Every project is so different from the next, that I am always intrigued by the new tricks I can learn to improve my skills.” David particularly enjoys seeing a project come to fruition at TruFocus Productions, “From pre-production to production to post production, I like being involved in that throughout the entire process.”

Even though the video world moves fast, with ever accelerating technological changes, David in his spare time likes to unwind by researching and keeping up with new advancements. He has a real energy for being a specialist in his field, and pursuing that vocation to the fullest. Although, outside of video, he is known to be a bit of a movie buff. In particular, David enjoys watching a lot of comic book hero movies: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and anything Marvel. He has an extensive movie collection which he enjoys in his home theater, even featuring a 100-inch screen. He loves movies so much, that there is no room for books in his life. Although he does make time for music, including: Southern Fried Rock, CCR, Allman Bros and Marshall Tucker.

Outside of media, David has a curious obsession with lawn maintenance and beard care; even mentioning that he is handy with tools and putting things together. His hobbies also extend to riding his fixed-gear bicycle across the western suburbs of Chicago, laughing at Snapchat filters, or enjoying time with his friends. Being a young adult, David lives at home with his mother. He wants to be remembered and known for his unconditional love towards his family and friends.

David graduated Lyons Township High School in 2009, and studied Photojournalism at College of DuPage. Today, he works as a video production specialist for both Lyons Township Television and TruFocus Productions. Additionally, he has won a variety of filmmaking awards doing video production and regularly attends industry conferences – including the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.