Jacqueline McCloud 

Meet the Team Biography Jacqueline McCloud

Inspired by a behind the scenes clip of a movie, Jaqueline McCloud made up her mind about becoming a cinematographer at a young age. After following her dream to film school, she found she disliked her place behind a camera. Determined to finish school, she received a degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. After accepting her first job out of college, Jaqueline became an editor and fell in love with her work.

Her excitement for television and movies led her to the world of film; at TruFocus Productions Jaqueline devotes herself to telling real stories. She considers editing quite personal and approaches each project by putting herself in her client’s shoes, “I feel I connect with their story in an intimate fashion.” She strives to let raw emotions show through her edits, making each video worth re-watching. Passionate about staying true to a client’s vision, Jaqueline listens to clients’ wishes while layering artistic elements to create a full-bodied production. Eager to share stories with the world, Jaqueline prides herself in her ability to edit videos without sacrificing the customer’s message.

Jaqueline joined the TruFocus Productions team in an amoeba-like fashion since founder Chris kept in touch with her after they graduated from The Illinois Institute of Art together. She started off jumping in whenever he needed an extra hand, which became more frequent as time went on, and TruFocus began winning more video work.

TruFocus Productions keeps up with tech advances, allowing Jaqueline to stay on top of the latest in editing trends, technology, and applications. She calls Premiere Pro her “weapon of choice.” Curiosity and eagerness to learn led Jaqueline to a career in editing after her original plans changed. These qualities hold true for her as she looks to the future where she finds excitement in endless opportunities. Her own experience has taught her it is never too late to try something new.

Shy at first, Jaqueline would introduce herself with an emoji in person if she could – just to brighten your day. While at work editing, Jaqueline maintains hyper-focus as she draws on her skills and artistic ability to turn raw footage into something beautiful, her personality holds true to the aloof-artistic type while away from her desk. She bruises herself in her sleep, drives down highways with her brights on (only sometimes), and once flew all the way to Italy just for the gelato. Raised by two can-doers, Jaqueline aspires to be more like them and appreciate all of life, “To learn to love both the ups and downs life has to offer.”